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Vòrtex is a table
Vòrtex is synchronicity
Vòrtex has a woman’s voice

Vortex, from the Latin vertere, to turn, return, convert or be transformed. From the Proto-Indo-European word Wer, translated as to lift or to suspend. In old English it derives from Wyrd, meaning the miraculous event of destiny, fortune or simply that which can happen. Wyrd has given its name to the pre-Christian Germanic goddess of fortune; it implies fertility, change, regeneration and is manifested in the rhythms of threading and weaving, metaphors for life and death, of mother, matter, mater magna. The Vortex Table was inspired by the spiritualist meetings from the last century and draws a direct line from the performative activities of mediums and early investigations into parapsychology to the contemporary feminist performance practices that are challenging materialistic paradigms and exploring expanded visions of reality. Lisa Blackman sees the female figure of the medium as a proto-feminist, capable of articulating the invisible connections between life and death, between body and spirit. Blackman writes that domestic objects can act as spiritual telegraphs, revealing connections that are not easily visible. The material of the table interacts with things, revealing a mutual vitality. The table has also been a central object in numerous works of performance art since its beginnings.


I invited three groups of women to come over three evenings to talk together about a different theme as well as to share dinner together. The meal was prepared for us by members of Sindillar – the Domestic Workers Union based in la Bonne in Barcelona. The Vòrtex table was located in the centre of the apse of the church – a space where the Catholic Church has denied women the right to pronounce. Pronunciation requires a movement forwards, towards the other. The women invited to the performance share a swirl of ideas, where one view leads to another view and so on, successively. There are no authors or protagonists, only a clarity of intention that make intra-connection and synergy visible. The multiplicity of views allows for ideas to appear that open up in new directions and perspectives. It is not necessary to agree with each other, it is not a matter of grand statements, rather it is the accumulation of individual opinions and affirmations. We sense and make sense.


Left to right. The Vortex-Spirituality, The Vortex-Feminism, The Vortex-Politics