union of sets series

In this series, wearable sculptures that are made for more than one person create the possibility for an improvised interaction between those who wear the pieces. The group must come to a series of unspoken agreements in order for the work unfold.

astrocyte series

This series of participative works looks at the astrocyte, a sub type of glial cell in the brain: I imagined how it might be possible for information to arrive in the brain through the astrocyte cell; thoughts, ideas etc. I explore how these cells might communicate beyond the physical body and might facilitate telepathy. The astrocytes, as far as is known, are cells that clear up celular debris in the brain…more or less eating up the dead neurons but their full role is not really understood.

responsive series

These works offer the audience the possibility of interacting with the work with no instructions as such. By giving permission to participate, the works rely on unspoken communication to allow audience members to enter into a conversation-in-action without anyone directing the communication. Con-sent is a way of agreeing through sensing or feeling.

being joined series

An ongoing series of performances. The theme that unites the works is the mirror symmetry of the number 9 in relation to a variety of subjects; the Yijing, Magic Squares, Greek and Norse Mythology and the Fibonacci series.