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wolf in the winter

Wolf in the Winter is an international performance collective formed in 2001 by Anet van de Elzen and Brian Catling for an event at the Melkfabriek, Den Bosch in Holland. A group of six solo performance artists who come together through the years to make a pack: Anet van de Elzen, Brian Catling, Kirsten Norrie, Aaron Williamson, Ralf Wendt and Denys Blacker.


Madremanya is the name of a small village in the Gironès region of Catalonia, Spain. There, in the summer of 2015 a project was born that bears the same name. It is a project initiated by Marta Vergonyós and Beatriz Santiago and that soon came to include many other women. Madremanya is “a collaborative project that aims to generate and put into play a new symbolic in care”.