Categories: performance, solitary and extensions.

Date: 2013
Place: Museum Of Art, Oxford, UK
Event: The Blind Leading the Blind. With the Wolf in the Winter

Images: Tila Rodrigues

In the series of works Extensions Blacker explores how a sense of self can be felt as not only expanded beyond the body but also to the myriad conditions and events that surround us, including the environment and nature. In this view of reality, nothing is seen as an isolated act, but as arising from the co-extensivity of all things. This can be understood as a somatic and psychic reconnection not only to other bodies but also to the ecological body. This view of the world for Blacker questions how each individual might be reflected in the whole and calls for an ethical questioning about the consequences of our actions in the world. This not only includes the physical but the psychic and the intangible.