Categories: performance, gatherings and madremanya.

Madremanya was a project initiated in 2015, that united women from two different groups; the independent domestic workers union Sindihogar with its headquarters in La Bonne, Barcelona and the social consultancy Dinamiabased in Madrid. The partnership grew to include women artists from theatre and dance, visual arts and audio-visual media as well as women from the academic world of art, feminism and from social activism. It was a process of collective creation that focused on the situation of women workers in the area of care, the members of Dinamia and Sindihogar. With the collaboration of Duoda, Sindillar, Resad and Espacio Hermanas Mirabal

Therefore, in this collaborative artistic group process, the aim was to redefine what it means to care for others, investigating, through relationships in action, the creation of a new language of values and symbolic meaning. Historically, it is women who do the work of caring, a necessary and little valued job. Madremanya focuses on participation and art as the starting points for understanding and analysing this crisis, not only seeking to subvert and denounce, but to assert rights and to find real solutions to the problems of precarity that can affect caregivers.

I collaborated on this project as an artist; giving workshops and participating in the final presentations of Madremanya: Between the Poetic and Political the Symbolic Smiling Gaze, at RESAD (Royal School of Dramatic Arts), Madrid, in the residency at L’Animal a l’Esquena, Celrà  and at the presentation in 2016 of Madremanya: Slow Cooking, the Rebel recipes at Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona.