the vortex table

Categories: performance, synchronicity, the vortex table and the vortex table.

The Vortex Table was made for the solo exhibition of my work Mapes Efimeres at Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre in Girona. Part of the exhintion was held in the chapel of Sant Nicolau in Girona. The table was made to be shown in the apse of the church. The centre of the table is a drawing of a vortex. The hexagrams of the Yijing are painted around the edge of the vortex. The whole of the centre can be spun around and the table can be used for oracular readings..

For three evenings I invited different groups of women to come and talk about three themes; feminism, spirituality and politics. The transcription of these conversations was published in 3 booklets. The participants are named but their authorship is not specified rather the texts are presented as a communal work. Every evening we also shared a dinner together at the table and this was prepared by members of Sindillar – the Domestic Workers Union from Barcelona. who are based in la Bonne in Barcelona.

The Vortex table makes reference to the spiritualist meetings from the last century and draws a line from the performative activities of mediums and the early investigations into parapsychology to contemporary feminist performance practices that challenge materialistic paradigms and offer us expanded visions of reality.