As organiser, programmer, and cultural activist, my activities are entwined with those of Gresol Association that was founded in 2003. Visit the web page to see all of the activities and projects that are continuing to this day.

FEM international meeting of women performance artists

FEM began in 2004 when myself and the Dutch artist Anet Van de Elzen decided to organise a performance art event for International Women’s Day in la Bisbal d’Empordà. There is a long tradition of the women in the town meeting on this day to celebrate together and we wanted to contribute to the activities.

FEM has since become a renowned annual International Performance Art Festival dedicated to showcasing work by women performance artists. Since its beginnings, the festival has offered artists a unique opportunity to create new works of performance, to live together for a few days, and to share their practice with others in workshops and theory programmes. FEM has an extensive network of international collaborations around the world with artists, collectives and institutions.

other festivals

These festivals and events were initially organised in order to create the opportunity for performative practices to happen within the community. Most of the performances and events took place in public spaces and there were always free workshop programmes for children, artists and any people interested in contemporary art as process and as an opportunity for sharing and learning. These events also offered a unique opportunity for artists from different countries and cultures to come together and to create works outside of the gallery space. Many of the artists who came to the first activity we organised in 2003 are still collaborating with us over 20 years on.


Founded in 2011 in Girona, CORPOLOGIA is an independent and free meeting of people coordinated by Denys Blacker and open to anyone to present works, thoughts, ideas, concerns, opinions, in short, any form of expression based on presence and action. The format of the works is open with a maximum time limit of between 5 and 10 minutes according to the number of participants. CORPOLOGIA is open to proposals from creators from all disciplines, although works must be lo-tech and each person must bring everything they need.

From 2011 to 2015 the group met every 2 months with  a total of 25 editions. As of 2015, the group meets less regularly. After each meeting, anyone who has been present can contribute to the CORPOLOGIA magazine with texts and / or images of their opinions, ideas and reactions. The magazine is published in paper and digital form.


la bonne, womens cultural centre, barcelona

Since 2010 Blacker has collaborated with La Bonne, Women’s Cultural Centre in Barcelona to programme activities related to performance art by women. Cara a Cara is the title of the series of interviews and performances by well-known performance artists that take place at la Bonne.

bòlit contemporary art centre, girona

As director of Gresol, Blacker has collaborated with Bòlit Contemporary Art Centre in Girona since 2010 in the programming of activities related to performance art practice. This has included artists in residence, performances and interviews with participating artists.

northumbria university, newcastle

FLARE (Forum for Live Art Research and Education) is a series of events co-created and organised by Denys Blacker, Helen Collard and Harriet Plewis at Northumbria University in Newcastle, (UK) as part of our PhD research. For these events we were assessed and advised by Dra Sandra Johnston.

intangable environments