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For the 10th edition of FEM, and due to the delayed payment of the funding for 2012 meeting, we decided to plan this years edition of FEM as a residency titled Looking Inwards. Artists were invited, over a period of 10 days, to take part in an investigative residency. The work was exploratory and experimental and allowed for a very diverse group of artists to spend time together and to discover new ways of working.

The participating artists were: Denys Blacker (UK/CAT), Elvira Santamaria (MEX), Lesley Yendell (UK/CAT), Marta Vergonyós (CAT), Natàlia Espinet (CAT), Marina Torrington (CAT), Ayako Zushi (JP/CAT), Les Salonnières (CAT), Montse Seró (CAT), Fina Miralles (CAT), Ada Vilaró (CAT), Mar Serinyá (CAT) and Belen Cueto (ES).